This photo shows the swedish politician Carl Bildt whe he was the high representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1996, accompanied by a little kitten on his shoulder. The photo was taken by german AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus, a woman who tried to change the world with her pictures of war and people who suffer from war and its consequences. Anja Niedringhaus always tried to show the human aspect, her personal and emotional view on humans who are affected by war or terror. For her achievements as a photojournalist and her special way to show our world she received the Pulitzer price. Anja Niedringhaus was killed today in Afghanistan by a local police officer, her canadian Coworker was injured seriously during ths attack. Thanks for your pictures, Anja. And thank you for trying to change this world a bit. 
Photo by ©Anja Niedringhaus / Associated Press
Text by viewbrations